Our mission

We put the "FUN" in fundraising by providing opportunities and coaching  for schools and other programs for faster and more lucrative funding. Let's get your kids on to their next adventure! 

Just Do It!


Fundraising Adventures was established to provide a more balanced approach to helping schools and programs fund their needs and adventures faster than any other fundraiser. Participants, consumers, and businesses all come out as winners. The youth are coached for success and receive incentives that will excite them to reach their goals, 


Minimum 3 Week Funding

30 Participants: $2,100
75 Participants: $5,430

150 Participants: $11,250

300 Participants: $23,250 (No Kidding)

market your business

In fact, we pay you to market your business!

Our fundraising cards, with your name on it, will bring you hundreds, if not thousands of repeat costumers. Contact us and schedule a consult to see if your business is a good fit. 



Please call, text, or email to schedule a consultation and we promise to help your school, program, or business find speedy and simple success!